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Is the robotics program related to a school program or is it an extracurricular activity or club?

RainForest Robotics is an independent robotic program led by volunteering mentors. We accept students from all over the Bay Area. However, most of our members come from San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. 

Is robotics a year-round commitment?

For our both VEX Robotics and VEX IQ teams, the end of the season depends on each of the team's successes during the season. Teams must qualify for states at a regional tournament by winning Tournament Champion Award, the Excellence Award, or Design Award, or placing by having a high enough skills score. If a team qualifies at states, they will go to the World Championship, which takes place in late April. 

When do your teams meet?

Our teams usually meet on Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 5pm to 7pm and on Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm. The robotics lab is typically open after school every day and all day during weekends. Students usually utilize this time by coming in during their free time. 

What specific roles do students on your teams play?

As stated in our mission statement, our program encourages all members to participate in all aspects of preparing a robot for competition as robotics is a multidisciplinary field. Naturally, everyone falls into their own roles on their team, but we don't want to formally confine anyone to any specific role.

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